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Using the Messages Tool

'Messages' is the internal Plato mail tool. All mail is sent, received, and stored within your course. Using Plato Messages you can communicate with other users enrolled in the same course, but not with the Internet public at large.

Messages is course-specific, and therefore only messages pertaining to that course appear in your Mailbox for that course. There is no 'email address' associated with this message tool. You can send and receive messages in plain text or HTML format, but you cannot attach any files.

  1. Click into the Communications area in your course.
  2. Click into Messages Tool.
  3. Click 'Inbox' for received messages or 'Sent' for sent messages.
  4. To read a message click the link for the subject.
  5. Here you can Reply, Forward or Delete the message.
  6. To send a new message:
    1. Click CREATE MESSAGE.
    2. Click the 'TO' button under Recipients. Choose your recipients, and click the arrow to move them into the Recipients box.
    3. Fill in your SUBJECT, BODY.
    4. Then click SUBMIT.
INSTRUCTORS!** Please note you can only attach from your Content Collection in Plato (not from your computer) on a new message in the MESSAGES tool, and there is no attachment option on the reply. For assignment submission an ASSIGNMENT DROP BOX should be used. **

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