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Assessments: Viewing Scores and Feedback
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You may see a grade or feedback immediately after submitting your assessment, but on most occasions, the instructor will make the grades available after all assessments from all students have been completed and graded. Please contact your instructor if you do not see your grade in a reasonable amount of time.

To view your scores and feedback, click on "My Grades" in the course sidebar


If the assessment has been graded, it will be visible and able to be selected (the text will be blue), and the score will appear to the right.


Upon clicking the assessment, you will see the name of the assessment, the aggregation (whether the score is based on the highest scoring or most recent attempt, or the average of attempts, if applicable). Below will be a list of all attempts made and the corresponding scores. Click on the scores to view scores on individual problems, as well as instructor feedback, if provided


Please note that not all instructors will grade/provide feedback through PLATO's assessment grading tool. If this step-by-step guide does not reflect what you see under "My Grades", you may want to contact your instructor regarding the manner in which they distribute grades and feedback.

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