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Discussions: How do I Participate in a Discussion?
Last Updated 8 years ago

To participate in a discussion, first click into the link provided by your instructor. On the page that comes up, there will be a list of threads if either your instructor or other students in your course have created any. Most instructors allow students to create new threads, which can be done by clicking on the 'Create Thread' button on the top left.

Simply fill in the subject, and the message that will be the starting post for your thread. It is recommended for longer messages to write the draft in Microsoft Word or some other similar word processing program first, and then copy and paste into the message area. This will help prevent losing any work.

When clicking into other threads, hovering over a post will allow you to reply (or reply with quote) to that post. This will also allow you to edit your own posts, if your instructor has made that option available to you.

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